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From 65 onwards, life is very different for us humans than many younger people can imagine.

Today's healthcare systems are profit centres and want to make a lot of money from sick people.

STRONG and VITAL magazine wants to show women and men 60 plus who live independently that there are simple but useful ways to maintain their health well over 100+ in almost perfect condition, or to regain it.

LONGEVITY needs no pills, no operations, but above all:

- INTENSIVE MUSCLE TRAINING (myokine messenger release also helps internal organs and the brain to recover.

- VEGAN nutrition is preferably, the only diet that serves the human body mostly.

- ROLE MODEL is needed for many age categories 60+, 70+, 80+, 90+ and more and more 100+, who can take a HEALTH test to check and proof their physical health.

- BLACK BELT 1st Dan Diploma i.e. it is never too late to start self-defence with a white belt from the age of 60+.

- STAR PHOTOS from many readers should show the world that physical attractiveness has nothing to do with age.


For only 5 EUR or 5 US DOLLAR or 5 SWISS FRANCS you can book via Paypal or via TWINT (only in Switzerland possible) your English online magazine from STRONG and VITAL. After the payment has been accepted you will get the password which is valid for two months before the next STRONG and VITAL magazine will be on the market.


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